About Swallows Nest Landscape Committee

There are six broad areas of focus for the SNHOA Landscape Committee

1. Clubhouse Commons
A long-term goal of the Landscape Committee (LC) will be implementation of improvement plans of the clubhouse commons area using the design by Michael Glassman as a foundation. Although, the design was not formally approved, it is the best resource available.  We envision working within current Association budget constraints allowing for possible augmentation though directed fundraising efforts.

2. Ponds - Maintenance and Enhancements
The LC has researched the options to improve the health of both ponds and provided recommendations for annual treatment and maintenance as well as enhancements to both ponds. In the 2010 budget the SNBOD authorized funding for the aeration of Greta’s pond and the establishment of a scheduled treatment program to treat both ponds for algae and clarity issues.

Long term goals include the addition of water plants and enhanced landscaping around the perimeter of each pond.


3. Sweet Equity - Part 1
The Association’s landscaping contract is significant, but given the breadth and scope of our property, limited. Sweet Equity Days focus on high visibility projects that require minimal landscaping skills and tools. The objectives of Sweet Equity Day projects are to 1) improve immediate visual impact; 2) provide opportunity for community participation; and 3) encourage appreciation of the overall beauty of our neighborhood.

4. Sweet Equity - 2
Some landscaping on the property is aged and past redemption. In response the Landscape Committee has created a program that partners with individual homeowners and Valley Crest to refresh and update our landscaping.

The homeowner incurs the cost of removal of the old shrubbery and the purchase of new plants through Valley Crest or a vendor of their choice. The Landscape Committee collaborates with the homeowner to design and plant their new border gardens. Maintenance of these new gardens can revert to Valley Crest or be maintained by the homeowner at their preference.

5. General Aesthetics
When appropriate the Landscape Committee collaborates with the management and landscape vendors, the Board of Directors and the Architectural Committee on improvements and repairs as they are being planned. Two areas that have been replanted inthe last year include the street side retaining wall in front of townhouses 3094-3100 Swallows Nest Drive and the corner at 3070 Swallows Nest Drive.

In 2011 look for new projects behind the first tee box; along the street-side chain link fence bordering the tennis courts; plantings to soften areas near utility and mail boxes throughout the community.

6. Compliance Issues
Again, working with the Board of Directors, the management and landscaping vendors, and the Architectural Committee, the LC helps monitor and maintain the delicate balance between enforcing the rules and anything goes

Through these activities the LC believes that Swallows Nest can become even more beautiful and that the beauty and style we project will be reflected positively in our individual and collective property values.


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