• 24 hour manned access/ security 
  • Three swimming pools
  • A nine-hole NCGA accredited golf course
  • Two tennis courts 
  • A club house 
  • A 950 tree urban forest 
  • Less than 5 miles from downtown; 2 minute access to I 5 and I 80. 
  • 53 acres




The Golf Course was opened  as a public golf course in 1963 before the housing complex was desiged, zone and constructed. A red barn housed the checkin counter, professional shop and golf instruction offices

The Golf Course was purchased by the Swallows Nest Homeowners Association in Januray 1986 and became a NCGA certified golf course in 1990

The Course is listed as a private 9 hole golf course with an offical NCGA slope and course rating. You must play with a resident that is in good standing and has an active annual golf pass. Once on the course you can play as many rounds as you like in one 24 hour period. 



We have three 5' deep well maintained pools strategically located within the community. Each site has comfortable poolside furnture and seating for family and community gatherings. Please maintain a resonable noise level in the late evenings hours. Operational hours are 8 am to 9 pm. Two pools are naturally heated and one is gas heated late spring through early fall.



We have two well maintained hard surface courts. Open access to all residences no reservations required. Please limiit your play to three sets of singles or doubles if others are waiting to play.



Our current vendor All Phase maintains a well trained security/safety guard on our site 7 days a week 24 hours a day. The staff is well informed regarding our unique community. They support our security needs as well as our offical  community greeter to guest and visitors. They support our logistic needs during the holidays and our personal  day to day needs. They monitor public safety traffic, vendor traffic, parking limittation, parking regulations, golf course guest passes and many other unique resident request.

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