Design Review

The Design Review Committee may be contacted via e-mail HERE. To view the Design Standards just click HERE.

The Design Review Application form is available HERE.

To view the approved color schemes for our community click HERE.

To view a map of our community showing the color scheme assignments click HERE.

Townhouse Residents - A Color Scheme Assignment chart can be viewed HERE.

Cluster Home Residents - A Color Scheme Assignment chart can be viewed HERE.

The mission of the Swallows Nest Homeowners Association Design Review Committee is to fulfill the mandates of Article V of the Second Restated Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs), recorded in the Official Records of the Sacramento County Recorder's Office on February 21, 2012. Specifically, the Design Review Committee shall assist the Association's Board of Directors in maintaining a high standard of excellence and continuity with respect to the exterior aesthetics of the Swallows Nest community through the control of all exterior modifications.

As provided in the CC&Rs, the Committee shall be composed of at least three members who shall be appointed by the Board and who shall serve for one year terms unless removed and replaced by the Board.

To fulfill its mission, the Design Review Committee shall

1. Receive and review all written requests for approval of plans for improvements and shall render a decision to approve, disapprove or conditionally approve in compliance with the provisions of the CC&Rs and all adopted policies and restrictions of the Association.

2. Forward to the Board the Committee's determination and recommendations for Board approval, denial or conditional approval with respect to all applications received by the Committee for exterior improvements.

3. Meet as often as required to consider requests as submitted and to render a determination within 30 days as required in Section 7 of Article V of the CC&Rs.

4. Create, for adoption by the Board, rules and guidelines when determined by the Committee or by the Board that such rules and guidelines are required to provide for clear direction and understanding by the members.

5. Inspect all projects in progress pursuant to committee and Board approval to ensure that all work is done in accordance with the plans and approvals.

6. Perform all other duties as outlined in Article V of the CC&Rs or as may be assigned to the Committee by the Board of Directors to promote high aesthetic standards within the community.

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